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High Protein Supplements for the Elderly

Looking for the best all-natural supplements to support your immune system as you age? At Well Wisdom we have created a line of the best protein drinks for the elderly and immunocompromised.

As we age, particularly if we are struggling with chronic illness, we need tailored nutrition support. High quality nutrition is one of the best ways to support immune system function throughout life, but particularly for the elderly. No one can thrive without the right nutrition. For this reason, the elderly or immunocompromised require tight control over their ability to optimize their nutrition, particularly protein.

Protein supports muscle health, maintains immune function, speeds recovery, and builds strength. Our line of all-natural protein for the elderly provides the ideal protein products and immune support to help the elderly and immunocompromised optimize their nutrition to thrive.

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ImmunoPro®: The Best Protein Drink for the Elderly

ImmunoPro® is our original pure whey protein product. ImmunoPro is designed for those that need precise control of their protein intake. For this reason it is the best protein drink for the elderly.

It contains only Proserum®, the finest biologically active whey protein with the highest levels of non-denatured lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, active peptides and growth factors to support the immune system, making it ideal protein powder for the elderly. The 5g serving size is designed for the tightest portion control possible, fitting into even the most stringent nutrition plans.

ImmunoPro does not have any additional additives or flavorings. It contains only 100% pure whey protein concentrate, similar to Vital Whey Natural but it comes in a 300g jar with a 5g scoop.

Bioactive Colostrum™

Aging lowers immune function, which can leave the elderly open to opportunistic infections.

Bovine Colostrum is one of our all natural supplements designed to support the immune system. Collected during the cow’s first milking after the birth of their calf, our Bioactive Colostrum is created to best maintain all original regenerative and immune enhancing native components.

Called natures first antibiotic, it has been used for years to help fight off diseases, allergies, bacteria, viral infections, etc. It is minimally processed to avoid damaging the full range of the original proteins and active peptides. This should be a part of every nutrition regimen as we age, to support optimal health throughout life.


Glut Immune is our dairy-free, all natural supplement made up of covalently bonded glutamine derived from wheat. During periods of extreme physical stress, like chronic illness, glutamine is depleted in the body. Supplementing with glutamine can support the immune system and assist in recovery from illness.

*This product is 32% glutamine by weight. It is enzymatically derived from wheat and contains 14% gluten.

Protein Drinks for the Elderly

This package combines three core products to provide the optimum combination of protein shakes for the elderly. It was designed to support the needs of the immune system. The package contains ImmunoPro, our high quality protein supplement (your choice of flavor), GlutImmune™ and Bioactive Colostrum™. It provides our best all natural supplements including protein and immune support to help you live your best life.

Why Well Wisdom? 

When searching for high protein supplements   online be sure to select products that focus on quality and consistency. The supplement marketplace can be overloaded with marketing claims that may not stack up. Well Wisdom whey protein products have been on the market in their original forms since 1999 and we are committed to maintaining the same high quality ingredients that customers have come to expect. Our website was launched in 2010 to allow you to buy whey protein online directly from the manufacturer.

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