Q: What is Glutamine?

A: Glutamine is one of twenty amino acids, or protein building blocks, found in the body. It is the most abundant of all the amino acids in the body. It is essential for immune function and digestive health. Glutamine is found in two different forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine. Of the two forms, L-glutamine is more useful to the body.1 

For the most part, the body is able to make all the glutamine it needs, with a few exceptions. During periods of intense stress, extreme physical activity, injury, or illness, the body cannot keep up with the glutamine needs. For this reason, it is considered a “conditional” amino acid.2 

Q: What are Benefits of Glutamine?

A: You may be wondering, since it is the most abundant amino acid what does glutamine do in the body? A lot! Here are just a few glutamine benefits:

Glutamine is an important fuel source for the cells of the immune system. This is why it becomes depleted during periods of illness or injury; the immune cells are using it up to help heal. This is partially why a high protein diet and glutamine supplements are frequently prescribed to those that are critically ill. Glutamine supplementation has been shown to shorten hospital stays and decrease risk of infection.3,4 

Glutamine also supports the immune system inside the digestive tract. It is an energy source for intestinal cells and the immune cells that reside in the gut. It helps maintain the integrity of the digestive tract as well.5 

Finally, glutamine is also beneficial for increasing muscle mass and strength in athletes. It may also help with exercise recovery.6 

Q: How does Glut Immune™ compare to other glutamine products?

A: Now that you know what is glutamine, you may be curious about Well Wisdom’s Glut Immune™. Glut Immune™ is a dairy-free natural source of covalently-bonded glutamine. This product is produced by a proprietary enzyme action on wheat berries rich in glutamine. Since it is made from wheat, it does contain gluten. Through this proprietary production method, Glut Immune offers the highest absorption rate and is 100% stable with other liquids or foods at any temperature.

Most other glutamine supplements are the synthesized free-form amino acid version which is unstable in the digestive tract. Covalently-bonded glutamine delivers up to 10 times more glutamine to the blood stream, since it is able to pass through the walls of the digestive tract. This makes sure the glutamine reaches the cells that needed it most to promote healthy immune function and support muscles.

Q: What are Glut Immune™ Benefits?

A: Glut Immune™ is the finest glutamine supplement available to support cellular repair. It may be blended or mixed in with any other liquids or foods at any temperature and is best consumed throughout the day for optimal effect. Glut Immune is the best way to support digestive health, optimal immunity, and muscle strength. 


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