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Grass Fed Whey Protein

Well Wisdom has created the finest grass fed whey protein powder and immune supplements available on the market. When looking for a dietary supplement, you gain the most benefit from products that stay true to nature’s perfect formula.

Our minimally processed Proserum whey protein powder is derived from cows that graze year-round on natural pastures. We are committed to our grass fed whey protein  powder being free of added hormones, GMOs, antibiotics and pesticides.

The result of our careful creation is a whey protein powder with the highest quality intact proteins, active immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and serum albumin to support your optimal health. The minimal processing allows the whey protein powder to retain all of the advantages of raw milk in an easy-to-consume supplement.

This unique line of non-denatured proteins supports immune function and provides optimal nutrition to athletes, the elderly, and children alike. Proserum has become recognized as the best whey protein powder available due to our on-going commitment to create the highest quality product.

Vital Whey


Whey protein derived from cows which are bovine growth hormone free, GMO free and graze year-round. Made with Proserum®, The Finest Whey Protein®.



Like our Vital Whey® products, ImmunoPro® is also made with Proserum®, The Finest Whey Protein®.



A naturally, superior form of glutamine. Nutritionally supports immune function, muscle repair and intestinal health with optimal absorption and high stability.

Bioactive Colostrum


The finest biologically active colostrum. Full range of active immunoglobulins and growth factors, highest levels of naturally occurring lactoferrin.

Made with Proserum®

GMO-free, hormone-treatment-free, pesticide and chemical-free and undergoes minimal processing. The milk for Proserum® is derived from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on natural pastures.

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In addition to offering the best whey protein powder, we also have a line of immune-supporting products that provide the raw materials necessary to replenish the body’s most important antioxidant glutathione. Maintaining glutathione levels is the secret to long-term health. Our Well Wisdom products support immune function by providing the ingredients needed to naturally optimize well-being.

Inspired by our founder’s personal health concerns, Well Wisdom’s mission has been to help our customers optimize their health through the use of the finest, minimally processed whey protein and immune-support products. We look forward to supporting you with our “whey” of life.

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