Founder’s Story

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Michael Keenan, Founder

From the 1980s to the early 1990s I had a successful career as an electrical contractor in San Diego, California. In 1992 I had a sudden onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Immune Dysfunction. A multitude of symptoms arose from what turned out to be an overly stressed lifestyle. I wasn’t excessive in anything but work. I considered myself to be physically healthy; I ate well, and I didn’t smoke or drink. I was just overworked.

The illness disabled me. I wasn’t able to think clearly, or even get out of bed in the morning. I suffered from skin irritations, digestive disorders, extreme environmental sensitivity, lassitude, and fatigue.

I had to give up my electrical contracting business.

I then proceeded to spend a lot of time and money investigating what was happening to me. I consulted with many different doctors and healthcare professionals. In 1993 I was fortunate to meet a German doctor who understood the role of glutathione in chronic illness.

As the body’s endogenous (internally produced) antioxidant, glutathione is needed to maintain healthy immune function and is rapidly depleted by stress.

Before my illness, I had no idea what glutathione was. At the time, it was downplayed in allopathic (Western) medicine because many pharmaceutical drugs have been shown to deplete it. This is a connection that the pharmaceutical industry did not want to publicize

To help restore my Glutathione levels the doctor gave me powdered raw milk protein. I responded very quickly. In a matter of weeks, my energy levels and function dramatically improved. Within two weeks I was sleeping better, and feeling mentally alert. I felt normal again.

I was elated.

Having done a lot of homework on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I knew that recovery rates can be very slow or even nonexistent. I had spent many thousands of dollars with no results until I addressed a foundational component of health. Thanks to the immune-boosting capabilities of unprocessed milk I was able to make dramatic improvements in my health quickly.

Enter ImmunoPro®.

ImmunoProI realized there was nothing available to the public like what I had benefited from, so I set out to change that. My research led me to a manufacturing method that would maintain all the fragile immune-boosting components that are present in fresh whole raw milk but could deliver them in a powdered form. This made a shelf-stable and safety-compliant version of the same milk protein I credit with my recovery.

The product, ImmunoPro® was introduced in 1999.

While developing ImmunoPro® I also followed the work of cutting-edge doctors who worked with the immune-compromised, specifically those with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction.

They were in a quandary about how to treat the disease. In January of 2000, I provided ImmunoPro® to some of them. Subsequently, their patients received very positive results from it. Information about the product quickly spread through the Chronic Fatigue community and individuals and health care professionals began purchasing ImmunoPro®.

The product was rapidly accepted because people felt the effects. They got positive results from it.

That said, they weren’t always pleasant results because Glutathione, as the master antioxidant, cleans up the waste matter of cells and the metabolism. That cleanup includes removing toxins from the body. The rate of detoxification after long-term illness varies dramatically from individual to individual. As a result, a serving of ImmunoPro® could have very different effects on individuals.

Glut Immune

GlutImmuneThe second product we added was Glut Immune. It was introduced because long-term stress depletes the amino acid glutamine more than any other amino acid. This amino acid is required for the health of the digestive tract.

As time progressed, I learned that a large percentage of people with Chronic Fatigue who were using ImmunoPro® had impaired digestion and could not efficiently absorb protein – commonly referred to as leaky gut or permeable gut.

Individuals with leaky gut, or permeable gut syndrome, have difficulty absorbing nutrients without reactivity. For these individuals, actual food components, proteins included, pass through their intestinal wall and cause a host of reactive symptoms from joint pain to skin irritation.

Glut Immune provides a stable, covalent-bonded source of glutamine to the body in the intestinal tract so that the body can begin the repair cycle necessary for the proper uptake and absorption of nutrients.

While it is possible to acquire the free-form amino acid l-glutamine on the open market, unfortunately, those products are typically synthesized. Nowhere in nature would you find a synthesized amino acid, or an l-glutamine. There is quite a bit of literature written about the downside of taking a free-from amino acid such as l-glutamine.

Well Wisdom’s GlutImmune is a covalent-bonded form of the amino acid glutamine. It is made from a concentrate of red wheat, a glutamine-rich grain. The term “covalent-bonded” means “attached” to other amino acids, as one would find in nature.

The glutamine in our GlutImmune hasn’t been altered or synthesized. It has an absorption and metabolic uptake that is the same as food.

This is a definite advantage over l-glutamine because it provides a more even absorption and sustainability in the blood. The body recognizes it as food and knows how to absorb it and use it.

Covalent-bonded GlutImmune taken throughout the day provides sustained levels of glutamine in the blood. This allows for an efficient physiological dose readily available wherever it is needed; in the intestinal tract, for mental function, or tissue repair.

Bioactive Colostrum

Colostrum is our first food. It is the pre-milk fluid of mammalian milk production. Bioactive Colostrum was added to the Well Wisdom line of products because it has a range of growth factors and many other components that can help give the immune system a jump start.

In adults, Bioactive Colostrum can help reset the digestive and/or immune system. It only has to be used for a short period of time, just a week or two. Afterward, an ongoing regime of consuming native whey protein can take over.

Our Bioactive Colostrum also provides a concentrated helping of two of the most important immune-supporting protein fractions in cow’s milk – Immunoglobulins and Lactoferrin. Immunoglobulins are used by the body to produce and repair white blood cells. Lactoferrin is used to regulate iron – a key mineral affected by many types of illnesses or infections.

The basic components of our native whey protein products will provide, in lesser amounts, a very similar range of the components found in Bioactive Colostrum.

Vital Whey

Vital Whey 3 packWhile ImmunoPro® was developed for the immune-compromised. Taken throughout the day, a five-gram serving was more than adequate for most individuals. After many years and strong recognition of our ImmunoPro® product from our customers, we introduced Vital Whey. It comes in a larger container size in three flavors, natural (plain), vanilla, and cocoa. It is a more appropriate solution for individuals and families who want the highest quality protein for a nutritional supplement in between meals, for a glutathione boost, a pick up in the afternoon, or a pre or post-workout drink. Vital Whey is also great for families who want their children to have the very supportive immune-boosting components found in our products.

Currently, there are many whey protein products available from a wide range of companies.

The most important thing to be aware of is if a company supplies a laboratory analysis of the fragile components that are contained in their product.

That analysis will tell you the real fingerprint of a protein and the actual biological activity of the most important fragile components, including lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, and bovine serum albumin. These are the crucial immune-modulating and regenerative components of native whey protein. They are easily destroyed by processing.

At Well Wisdom, we are proud to provide the finest biologically active native whey protein available.

Our mission is to serve

I am grateful that I had access to food, which is our basic birthright, to regain my health and to have the ability to offer it to individuals who have gone or may be going through a variety of suffering and illness. Well Wisdom is a service business.

Our products began as a way to serve individuals in need of help to recover from and prevent relapse of immune-compromised diseases. We now recognize the need for the broadest audience possible since both the ill and the healthy deserve access to trustworthy, safe, and effective protein products in their daily lives

It gives me satisfaction to see the awareness of the health benefits of biologically active native whey protein growing. We are committed to providing the highest quality native whey proteins® on the market.

Be well,
Michael Keenan, Founder
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