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Grass Fed Whey Protein Products from Well Wisdom

 grass fed whey protein


The Finest Whey Protein®

 Biologically Active


Grass Fed, Hormone-treatment-free, 

GMO-free Whey Protein Powder

Well Wisdom Immune Enhancing Proteins supply the highest quality nutrients for regeneration and energy production for any age or lifestyle. We provide the Finest Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder for optimal nutritional support to athletes, immune compromised, elderly, children, and more! Our grass fed whey protein is an all natural whey protein that can be used to improve immune system function as well as aid in chemical and cellular detoxification. Our unique line of non-denatured proteins is created to maintain all the original native protein components that promote health and wellness. Proserum®, our unique grass-fed year-round, natural whey protein, has all the advantages of grass-fed cows. The milking cows are disease-free, pesticide-free, chemical-free, hormone-treatment-free and GMO-free.

grass fed whey proteinThe milk for Proserum® is derived from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on natural pastures. It is GMO-free, hormone-treatment-free, pesticide and chemical-free and undergoes minimal processing.

Proserum® has become recognized as the highest quality whey protein concentrate available today due to our commitment to using milk from cows which are grass fed year round. They are never treated with artificial hormones, or fed GMO-materials. Combined with our minimal processing method this leaves a product as close to fresh raw milk as possible. Our grass fed whey protein concentrate is higher in the fragile protein components, Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin and Serum Albumin, which support a healthy functioning immune system. When looking for a protein supplement in today’s market, we know people receive the most benefit and least discomfort from products focused on staying as true to nature’s formula as possible. When you see the Proserum® name on a product you can be sure it contains safe, natural grass fed whey protein for you and your family.ip-bc-gi.jpg

ImmunoPro®, and Vital Whey® products are all made with Proserum®, The Finest Whey Protein®.

Since 1999, Well Wisdom, has produced grass fed whey protein derived from cows which are hormone-treatment-free, GMO-free and graze year-round.


A naturally, superior form of glutamine. Nutritionally supports immune function, muscle repair and intestinal health with optimal absorption and high stability.

How does GlutImmune™ compare to other glutamine products?

Bioactive Colostrum™:

The finest biologically active colostrum. Full range of active immunoglobulins and growth factors, highest levels of naturally occurring lactoferrin.

More on Native Proteins:

Well Wisdom grass fed whey protein benefits you by promoting the production of Glutathione (GSH). Glutathione is our crucial Master Antioxidant, Detoxifier and Immune Booster, and the most favorable way to maintain healthy levels is by consuming Native Whey Proteins.

"Glutathione is the body's master antioxidant and best kept secret to maintaining health."
- Theodore Hersh, M.D., Harvard graduate, Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, Emory University.