Fitness Supplements – Whey, Glutamine, and Colostrum

fitness supplementsWe have long studied the relationship between exercise and health.  It has become quite clear that the benefits of regular exercise can have long lasting positive results for your health. However, if the exercise is continuous, prolonged or of moderate to high intensity, such as that of athletes, the immune system can actually become suppressed. There are good fitness supplements that can help build your immune system no matter what your intensity level.


Regular Exercise – The Best Medicine

Regular exercise has been shown to provide numerous health benefits for both our physical and psychological well-being. The January issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter lists 30 benefits of exercising just 30 minutes a day.

Top 7 Reasons to Exercise

  • Weight control
  • Health conditions and diseases
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Puts the spark back in your sex life
  • It can be Fun!

Studies have found that people who exercise on a moderate, consistent basis report fewer colds and flu once they begin an exercise routine. Moderate exercise has been linked to a positive immune system response and a temporary boost in the production of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria. During exercise these immune cells are more responsive and are able to circulate the body very quickly and attack foreign bacteria and viruses. The immune system returns to normal a few hours after exercising, but consistent physical activity seems to prolong these cells “fighting ability”.


Exhaustive Exercise  

A study from the Journal of Applied Physiology looked at immune function in sports and exercise. They found that intense, prolonged physical activity (>1.5 hours) of moderate to high intensity, performed without food intake caused a temporary depression in the immune system. These various aspects of immune suppression lasted anywhere from 3 to 24 hours after exercise, depending on the duration and intensity of the workout.

An athlete exercising in a carbohydrate-depleted state experiences larger increases in circulating stress hormones and greater immune system dysfunction. The poor nutritional state of some athletes may predispose them to immunosuppression, more specifically, deficiencies in protein and certain micronutrients. When your body has depleted itself of stored nutrients it no longer has the ability to build and repair itself after an intense workout, let alone support a strong healthy defense against cold and flu viruses.


Fitness Supplements Can Help

Although it is impossible to counter all the effects of exercise induced immunosuppression, it has been shown to be possible to minimize many factors by using good fitness supplements. Athletes can help themselves by eating a well-balanced diet that includes adequate amounts of a high quality protein, such as whey protein, as well as carbohydrates. Including a glutamine and colostrum supplement can also help support the immune system as well as ease GI issues that are common with many athletes.


Adequate Nutrition is Key to Performance!

As we touched on previously, not giving your body nutritional support during long bouts of exercise can actually be detrimental to your health. A recent study found that athletes exercising in a carbohydrate-depleted state had larger increases in circulating stress hormones, and greater immune deficiencies. The study also goes on to state that dietary deficiencies of protein and other macronutrients have long been associated with immunosuppression.

Whey protein has been a key part of the sports nutrition industry because of the high quality of protein and amino acids it offers. Studies have shown whey’s ability to promote whole body tissue repair and decreased muscle recovery time. However, more recently we are learning that whey protein extends far beyond muscle growth/repair to include immune system support especially for hard training athletes.

An issue that many athletes face is an increase in GI upset due to the added stress of intense exercise.  A study from the Journal of American Physiology looked at the effect of heavy exercise and gut permeability in athletes.  What they found was that exercise increased gut permeability by 2.5 times, and bovine colostrum was able to lower that rise by 80 percent.  Researchers concluded that colostrum may have value in enhancing athletic performance and preventing heat stroke. 

If we look at exercise as a form of metabolic stress on the body, our body’s response to this stress can be lessened with the building of lean muscle and overall strength. Whey protein may be able to help provide the bioactive components necessary to support that growth, burn fat and boost the immune system to extend the overall benefits of physical activity.

Professional Athletes are Using Protein Fitness Trainer to Improve Immune Function

travis-medal-wpshirt.jpgProfessional cyclist, Steven Cozza and Competitive Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer, Travis Nix, both use Well Wisdom’s Protein Fitness Trainer package to support muscle growth, immune system function and overall health while in training.  To read Travis’s testimonial and view his Well Wisdom protein regimen Click here.

Our Protein Fitness Trainer package includes:

Vital WheyProvides all the essential amino acids in correct balance, improves muscle strength, helps with overall health and energy levels, promotes antioxidant production (Glutathione precursors).

GlutImmune Glutamine has been shown to assist in improving the immune system function, brain function, blood sugar levels, increasing muscle mass, and healing and maintaining the digestive tract. It decreases intestinal permeability by nutritionally supporting and strengthening the mucosa.

Bioactive Colostrum Superior immune system nutrition for depressed or overactive immune system. Colostrum accelerates healing of all body tissue, helps with weight reduction, increases bone and lean muscle mass.



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