Leaky Gut Syndrome is just one of the many intestinal and digestive health disorders that have only become common in the last couple of decades. There are many natural remedies that can help you to deal with the digestive problem, not to mention medical treatments.

Before you hit your nearest pharmacy, however, you may want to consider using colostrum for leaky gut syndrome.

colostrum leaky gut treatment


Colostrum is a type of milk that is produced by all mammals during the later stages of pregnancy. Cows produce colostrum (called bovine colostrum), and even humans produce it just before they give birth to the baby.

The beauty of colostrum is that it is loaded with nutrients, all of which are necessary for the health of the newborn baby. The baby has NO defense against invading viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, so all of the antibodies need to come from the mother’s body. It is through colostrum that the baby receives the immunity-forming nutrients that it needs to start developing an immune response to the threats it will face.

Colostrum is not the same as regular breast milk. It is higher in protein–leading to more rapid muscle growth in the baby–as well as lower in fat.

Did You Know: Some athletes consume bovine colostrum in an attempt to enhance performance, speed up muscle repair, and reduce sickness during their levels of peak performance. Taking colostrum can help to increase lean muscle mass in men and women alike!



You may be wondering how leaky gut syndrome can be affected by colostrum.

Well, first you need to understand what leaky gut syndrome is. Basically, it involves the cells lining your intestines allowing particles to pass into your bloodstream or lymphatic system. These particles are often incompletely digested foods, bacteria, and waste products, and they can cause all manner of health problems.

Colostrum–particularly bovine colostrum–plays a large role in repairing the cells of your intestines. When you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, your immune system treats the leaking intestinal cells like invaders. This often leads to inflammation and further deterioration of the cells.

Colostrum reinforces the lining of the intestines, ensuring that it continues to function as an immune barrier. It helps to reduce the damage done by the inflammation, repairs the leaks in your guts, and strengthens your intestinal walls.

It basically repairs the damage that has been done by food allergies and indigestion, resetting your digestive system and boosting intestinal function.


Some people have actually tried colostrum for their gut health, and found it worked well for them. Check out these comments from one user [1]:

I’ve been suffering from the symptoms of leaky gut forawhilewithout realizing it. Since supplementing with Colostrum–starting 3 days ago–and a GI Repair pill with L-Glutamine in it, I’ve been doing a lot better and my bowel movements are starting to normalize.

It seems that colostrum worked for this person, and it may work for you too!


Most people take the health of their digestive systems for granted. A stomach ache here and there isn’t so bad, right?

Wrong! Did you know that your intestines play a HUGE role in your immune health? It’s estimated that up to 80% of your immune activity takes place in your intestines. This means that if your intestines are NOT healthy, your body as a whole is going to suffer! Think about it: How are pathogens introduced to your body?
  1. The air you breathe often contains pollution, allergens, and dust.
  2. The pollution in the air can be absorbed by your skin and disseminated via your bloodstream.
  3. You eat food that contains bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

If you look at the three methods of introduction, you’ll see that most of the harmful substances absorbed into your body every day go right into your mouth, down your throat, and into your gut. It’s no wonder that your intestines and digestive system play such a central role in your overall health! If your gut is acting up, you can bet your boots that your immune system is going to suffer as a result.

1 how to improve gut health


Here are some ways to improve your intestinal health:

  • Take glutamineGlutamine is an immunity-booster that can improve your digestive health and deal with problems like leaky gut syndrome.
  • 1
  • Try herbs — Herbs like licorice root, peppermint, and boswellia can help to reduce inflammation in your gut, thereby promoting healing
  • Supplement with zinc — Zinc speeds up the healing process in your body, so taking zinc supplements can help your intestines to heal faster.
  • Take Vitamin A — Vitamin A is needed to keep the lining of your intestines healthy, and it will help your body produce the antibodies that protect your intestinal lining.
  • Consider probiotics — Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that will reinforce your gut bacteria, getting rid of the harmful pathogens at the same time.
  • Eat more veggies — Veggies in their natural state are loaded with digestive enzymes, which will aid in digestion and prevent food particles from leaking into your gut. The more fibrous the veggie, the better.
Colostrum for leaky gut syndrome can be an ideal treatment choice. 
Ronald K. Wright