Does Whey protein burn fat and Help You to Lose Weight?

We all want to be the best version of ourselves and for many of us, reducing body fat and improving our overall health in the process is a step in the right direction. So does whey protein help lose fat? No longer just for bodybuilders, introducing whey protein into your diet can be an effective addition that could potentially help you to reach your weight loss goals and in turn, give your self-confidence the boost that its been craving. How Does Whey Protein Burn Fat

What is it exactly and how does whey protein Burn fat?

Derived from cow’s milk, whey protein is an easy to digest form of protein that contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a ‘complete protein’. Other complete proteins include meats, dairy, eggs and quinoa. Because so many of us live busy, non-stop lives, whey protein is an easy way to slip more protein into our diets, and this increased level of protein, coupled with regular exercise, can be the key to whittling away that waistline.

But which type of whey protein should I buy?

There are three main forms of whey protein powder:[thrive_lead_lock id=’1912′]
  • Whey protein concentrate: Usually the cheapest form, whey protein concentrate contains the lowest amount of protein. But don’t let that deter you. Whey protein concentrate still contains 55-89% protein while the remaining 11-45% is made up of fat and lactose.
  • Whey protein isolates: A little more expensive, whey protein isolates contain 90% or more protein and very little fat, cholesterol and lactose.
  • Whey protein hydrolysates: The most expensive of the three, this form contains 99% protein and will digest extremely quickly in the body.
shake and smoothie recipesDownload your FREE Recipe Now you may already be asking yourself, how does whey protein burn fat and promote weight loss? And the answer is, in more ways than one.

Decrease your appetite

Whey protein (like many proteins) has been proven to decrease appetite and lower caloric intake. And when fewer calories are consumed, the body is then forced to use any stored body fat as fuel. Milk proteins like whey protein also contain the peptide glycomacropeptide that triggers the intestinal hormone that tells your body that you are full and that it’s time to put down the fork.

Protein synthesis

Whey protein contains the amino acid Leucine that is important for protein synthesis, a process in the body that stores amino acids and also burns a high number or calories.

Increase muscle mass

Another way that whey protein contributes to fat reduction and weight loss is by increasing muscle mass in the body. This aids in calorie burning because your body will burn calories as it works to hold onto the muscle tissue that you gain. How Does Whey Protein Burn Fat and Increase your Overall Confidence[/thrive_lead_lock]

Boost your metabolism

Ingesting whey protein may also have the potential to boost your metabolism by increasing the number of calories you burn during and even after a workout. In a study performed by Michigan State University, participants that ingested whey protein experienced higher calories burned the following day when compared to participants that ingested a carbohydrate enriched beverage prior to working out. So now that you know the answer to the question, how does whey protein burn fat, you can start introducing it into your diet as a part of your weight loss regime. Quick and easily digestible, whey protein powder can be added to your snacks and meals to give it an extra protein boost and is great for a post-workout pick-me-up. Try adding whey protein powder into shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, and cereal or even try blending it into your morning coffee. Despite what you may hear, heat will not destroy the nutritional value of your protein and it is perfectly okay to add it to hot drink and foods. In fact, you may even want to use it in your baking to create protein charged snacks to fuel you through the day.

Reduce your body fat and up your confidence

While whey protein won’t magically melt away your body fat, it can be utilized in addition to a healthy diet and exercise plan to reach your weight loss goals. It can help decrease your appetite, increase your muscle mass and provide you with the little extra energy you need to get to the gym and start building towards a more confident you. Take a look at our amazing protein concentrates by clicking here.
Ronald K. Wright