Q: Does Glut Immune™ contain gluten?

A: Glut Immune™ is enzymatically derived from red wheat berries and is approximately 14% gluten. Individuals with known gluten intolerance should take this into account when considering this product.

Q: How much glutamine is in Glut Immune™?

A: Glut Immune™ is 32% by weight covalent-bonded glutamine. In a single five gram serving this provides 1.6 grams of stable glutamine.

Q: Should Glut Immune™ be taken with or without food?

A: As a stable covalent-bonded form of protein, Glut Immune™ can be taken at any time. It is a great addition to any meal or smoothie throughout the day.

Q: How to Inject Glut Immune?

A: GlutImmune™ may be blended or mixed in with any other liquids or solid foods at any temperature. It is best consumed along with our whey proteins or with meals throughout the day. This allows for the optimal effect of keeping one’s glutamine levels up and stable. This product is a dairy free natural source of Covalent Bonded Glutamine and is produced by a proprietary enzyme action on red wheat berries rich in glutamine. This product does contain 14% gluten. It offers the highest long term utilization of glutamine and is completely stable with other liquids or foods at any temperature. Most other glutamine supplements are the synthesized free-form amino acid L-glutamine, which is unstable in combination with other nutrients or foods and in most digestive tract conditions.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is important for metabolism, weight regulation and the prevention of muscle breakdown. Stressors deplete glutamine more quickly than any other amino acid, therefore it is considered the “essential non-essential” amino acid. Glutamine is also crucial for the maintenance of the nervous system, brain function, intestinal health, and is critical for repair of the constantly renewing cells in our intestinal lining. Glutamine is a component of glutathione production and studies have shown that the body relies on glutamine as cellular fuel for the immune system.
GlutImmune™ may be mixed with our whey products.

Ronald K. Wright