If you’re all about the Paleo Diet, you may find yourself LOVING all of the protein and natural foods you good to eat. You’re enjoying that grass fed red meat, the free range chicken, and the many other delicious Paleo-friendly foods. But what if you want to get more protein in your diet? Can you add a bit of protein powder to your Paleo meal plans? Is whey protein Paleo friendly, or are you not allowed to eat whey protein on Paleo diets? is whey protein paleo Read on to find out the answer to the question “is whey protein Paleo?”

Is Whey Protein Paleo Diet Compatible: YES OR NO?

If you are thinking of mixing whey protein and Paleo diet rules, you’re going to be sadly disappointed! The rules of the Paleo Diet state that you can only eat the things that your caveman ancestors would have eaten. That means you CANNOT eat:
  • Dairy products
  • Wheat
  • Sugars
  • Sugars
  • Artificial Products
  • Processed foods
If you know anything about protein powder, you know that it falls squarely into the category of “processed foods“. Whey protein is present in milk, cheese, and yogurt, but to produce protein powder, the whey is extracted, dried, and turned into a powder. This is PROCESSING, meaning that it doesn’t comply with the rules of the Paleo Diet. And that’s skipping over the fact that it comes from dairy, another food item that you cannot consume while on the Paleo Diet. But should you be allowed to mix whey protein and Paleo dieting? Are there Paleo whey protein powders you can take?


Just because there are no “paleo whey products“, that doesn’t mean your taking whey protein is the wrong thing while you are on the paleo diet. You may not be able to find Paleo whey protein powder, but you should still consider taking the protein powder. The Paleo Diet is all about helping to encourage/promote a healthy lifestyle, and one important aspect of that healthy lifestyle is exercise. If you are pushing your body hard at the gym every day, you’ll find that adding whey protein to your diet can help you to do more and go harder. You’ll fuel your muscles, promote speedy recovery post-workout, and increase muscle growth. There should actually be a whey protein Paleo Diet exception, provided you choose the right high-quality protein powder! When it comes to building muscle and bulking up, the timing of your nutrition is very important. Eating before and after your workouts is critical to doing the workouts right, and protein powder makes it easy for you to get all of the amino acids your body needs to build muscle. Just because you’re on the Paleo Diet, that doesn’t mean you should stop eating whey protein. In fact, the whey protein Paleo Diet exception is almost RECOMMENDED for athletes who are trying to build muscle while on this healthy diet. You need more protein than regular dieters, so eating protein powder is the smart way to fuel your body. Also, remember that the Paleo Diet is meant to encourage you to make healthier eating choices, not restrict your diet completely. You will find that the first 30 days of the diet are pretty strict, but that’s just so you can get accustomed to the new diet. Once you have gone Paleo for a few months or years, it may be a good idea to add whey protein to your diet. Many hardcore Paleo dieters actually give whey protein a pass because it’s nutritious, it helps them build muscle, and it’s a beneficial addition to their diet. It may not be strictly Paleo, but you should consider carefully whether it belongs in your diet!

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If you are going to break the “laws of Paleo” and add whey protein to your diet, here are a few tips to help you choose the best protein powder.

How to choose the best protein powder:

  • Always get from grass-fed cows. You get quality amino acids without all of the chemicals and additives in whey protein made from low quality milk. Definitely the best way to stick to your Paleo Diet as closely as possible.
  • Go for concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is much easier for your body absorb,. The nutritional profile and bioavailability of protein concentrate is far better than protein isolate.
  • Look at what you’re eating. If you find that the protein powder is filled with a bunch of ingredients you don’t recognize, those are additives and chemicals. Always read the label and Google any ingredients you’re not sure about.
  • Our Well Wisdom Whey Protein meets all these criteria.
Follow these tips, and you’ll get high quality protein powder to include on your Paleo Diet!

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