A Customized Diet and Exercise Plan Based Upon Your Genetics

Here at Well Wisdom we maintain our commitment to providing the highest quality all-natural supplements for you and your family. Through our blog and social media outlets we also work to keep you informed on the latest news in nutrition and wellness. Recently, we joined Pathway Connect so that you have another resource to find other companies that share our passion for healthy living through high quality nutrition and productive lifestyle choices. One company that shares our mission of helping people make informed health decisions is Pathway Genomics. Here to tell you more about what Pathway Genomics does is Barbara Birke: Diet and lifestyle changes are typically high on everybody’s list. Many of us want to get into better shape and make better nutritional decisions; we don’t just want to lose weight, but also simply feel amazing, healthy and energetic. We know that adding good sources of high quality nutritious protein to our diet is good but…how much? How do we know which balance of nutrients is best for our unique needs? Many of us start out highly motivated and then we don’t succeed. Why? There are many reasons. Let’s look at a few of the big ones. Often plans are simply unrealistic and we starve ourselves for a few days to then give up and eat even more. Plans and approaches need to be realistic and go step by step. We try without guidance and structure and don’t really know what we are doing. Yes, it is definitely better to have clarity on what to do. Another big one: we do something that worked for someone else. And it doesn’t work for us. So frustrating… The Pathway Fit® genetic test may help give answers and solutions to all 3 problems. Step by step guidance, actionable results that guide you in a clear direction and the “why does this work for someone else but not me”. Yes – it is all in your genes. We are all highly individual. Every metabolism is different. When it comes to diet and exercise – one size does not fit all. Some people thrive on (a certain amount of the right) carbs while others do much better with less carbs; some people need more, some less (of the right) fat; most need more (clean and lean) protein. With the Pathway Fit® genetic test, you will learn which diet type may work best for you. It can also suggest what exercise might have the best results for your genetic type. Yes, some people will do great with strength training – but others will need less and will need more cardio to get things moving. The genetic test can even find which eating behaviors you could be predisposed to and with these results you can develop the right strategies to deal with them.

Pathway Genomics Provides Customized Plan

Pathway Fit® will suggest the right lifestyle and nutrition choices for you and will support you in developing a plan – according your individual genetic profile!! Pathway Genomics Stop wasting time and energy with diet and exercise choices that don’t work for you and focus in on your genes. For more information about Pathway Genomics or Pathway Fit®, visit www.pathway.com. Barbara Birke is a nutrition and exercise expert offering Pathway Fit® in her practice. Barbara holds two master’s degrees – one in sports science and the other in holistic nutrition. As a consultant at Pathway Genomics, Barbara contributes to the development of Pathway Fit, and works with practitioners and patients who have questions about the interpretation of the powerful information in the report, including the recommendations.    
Ronald K. Wright