healthiest whey protein For an active, healthy person, protein is likely the most important of the three macronutrients. While carbs produce energy and fats play a role in hormone production, it’s protein that boosts your metabolism and enhances muscle growth. It’s no surprise that there are so many supplements to help you get more protein in your diet. When it comes to protein supplements, whey protein is proud to take “top dog” spot. You’ll find that adding the healthiest whey protein to your daily meal plan will help you to have all the nutrients you need to build muscle, fight disease, get healthy, and live a long, happy life!

Why Whey Protein?

What makes whey protein such a useful addition to your diet? More specifically, why should take whey protein instead of casein, egg, or soy protein?

Here are a few of the things that make whey protein your best choice:
  • It’s quick-acting. Your body can utilize whey protein far faster than the other types of protein, ensuring that you have readily available amino acids to produce ATP energy (the type your muscles burn) and produce new muscle fiber.
  • It’s easy on your digestive system. Unless you’re lactose-intolerant, you should have no problem with whey protein. It’s easily digested and absorbed into the body!
  • It’s good for fat-burning. Whey protein helps to increase fat burning, but (and this is a big but) it WON’T break down muscle tissue. It protects muscle mass as you burn fat, leading to more efficient overall weight loss.
  • It’s great at killing cravings. Whey protein is filling and satiating, and even a small serving (just 1 scoop) in your smoothie will be enough to keep you happy until your next meal. One study even found that whey protein helped to manage levels of ghrelin, the hormone that tells you’re hungry.
  • It can fight cancer. Whey protein can protect your colon and prostate, reducing your risk of these two VERY common forms of cancer.
  • It can enhance your immunity. Whey protein contains nutrients that can help to increase levels of glutathione, a naturally-produced antioxidant that protects your body from disease and illness. Exercise can reduce glutathione levels, but whey protein can prevent a drastic reduction, thereby keeping your body protected.
  • It can combat stress. In a Dutch study it was discovered that whey protein helps to fight depression and combat anxiety, stress, and low mood. It can does so (most likely) by increasing the production of serotonin, your brain’s “feel good” chemical,
All pretty solid reasons to try whey protein, right? If you want to be healthier overall, you’d do well to add a good whey protein supplement to your diet. You’ll notice the effects in no time.

How to Find the Healthiest Whey Protein

Finding the “healthiest whey protein” may actually be easier said than done! There are so many products on the market, and it will take a lot of research to find supplements that live up to the following standards: Non-GMO — This means the whey comes from free-range cows that have been given only non-GMO feed. This type of whey is usually healthier and has more bioavailable nutrients. Undenatured — This means the whey has not been highly processed, so the protein hasn’t been too broken down, thus making it easier for your body to digest and absorb. Undenatured protein also helps to boost your glutathione levels more effectively than denatured protein. Minimal Processing — The less the whey is altered, the more natural it will be, and therefore the easier for your body to use. More processing means a greater breakdown of nutrients, so more chemicals have to be used to return the nutrients to their “normal” range. Few Ingredients — The fewer the ingredients, the “cleaner” the protein will be. A good protein powder contains fewer than 6-10 ingredients, and most of those ingredients will be natural (with names you can understand). Complex chemical names indicate ingredients that are NOT a welcome addition to your protein powder. Concentrate — Whey isolate is better for those with lactose sensitivity, but for the average person, a whey concentrate is better due to the presence of the lactose (milk sugar). Lactose is a good source of energy for your workouts. If you can find a whey protein powder that meets all these standards, you can be sure it is a protein powder worth trying!

What Makes Vital Whey the Healthiest Whey Protein

Well Wisdom’s Vital Whey may look like just “one more” amidst hundreds of protein powders, but once you look under the hood, you’ll see it’s worthy of its reputation as one of the healthiest whey protein supplements on the market. Why is that? whey protein First off, Vital Whey is made from Proserum. Proserum is a minimally-processed form of whey that is undenatured and as natural as possible. This ensures that the whey contains the highest quantity of the nutrients found in cow’s milk, making it a supplement that is as easy for your body to digest and use as possible. Second, Vital Whey uses ONLY milk from grass-fed, free-range cows, and it is 100% non-GMO. The cows have not been treated with hormones, and they are not exposed to chemicals and pesticides. Essentially, they’re as organic as possible! whey protein Vital Whey contains 80% amino acids, and it’s a whey concentrate that will deliver a beautiful dose of energy with every serving. It’s great for suppressing hunger and appetite, and you’ll find that it will be an amazing addition to your reduced-calorie, low-carb diet. The whey protein also contains extra glutathione precursors that will help to increase the natural production of this immune-boosting antioxidant in your body. Vital Whey is a supplement designed for a healthier immune system, and taking it will increase your protection from germs, bacteria, and other invading pathogens. It’s a natural immune-booster that works! Vital Whey is more than just a protein powder, but it’s a complete supplement that will improve your health from the inside out. You can increase your amino acid intake significantly thanks to this protein powder, leading to enhanced muscle growth, repair, and recovery. Add it into your weight-loss/fat-burning diet, and you’ll get the results you want. Not convinced Vital Whey is your best option? Read the comments from real people who have tried and loved it:
  • “Tastes great and helped with stomach issues and heartburn. Great for heavy workouts and replenishing protein.”
  • “The best ingredients on the market, and it still tastes good.”
  • “I love that it is low temperature processed, non-denatured, comes from 100% year round grass grazing cows, and the additional ingredients are minimal and clean.”
  • “Tasty flavor, a great burst of protein.”
  • “Keeps hunger at bay longer and helps with recovery after exercise. I like the minimal added ingredients and healthy production method.”
Want to find out more about Vital Whey and its many health benefits? Visit Well Wisdom and see for yourself! Our website is loaded with information on whey protein, glutamine, and supplementing for better health. If you’re looking for an all-natural, truly healthy protein powder that works, you’re better off with Vital Whey in your corner.