Whey Protein for Women In today’s world of fitness and health, a lot of women gravitate towards a serviceable and healthy diet. A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables alongside a strict gym regimen are a good combination. An often overlooked but proven way to rid yourself of unwanted fat and slim down is protein. If you think about the benefits one can reap from the regular consumption of protein, it not only helps to build muscle, but also to lose weight. This combination is definitely counter-intuitive, but we’ll explore the reasons why it is true. Before we delve into whey protein for women it’s imperative that we know exactly how beneficial protein in general can be.


As a stark contrast to their female counterparts, many men often have a significant amount of protein in their diet. And for good reason: it’s a necessary part of any process that involves the building and development of muscles. More importantly, it helps the body recover from any physically strenuous exercises. You can imagine how important this can be for anyone who habitually works out or even those remotely interested in fitness and health. Statistically, most women subject themselves to variety of different fitness programs to lose weight. Protein may seem to be counter-productive to this goal. In fact, a very important element as it helps not only keep your body’s muscles strong but aids in your metabolism as well. Understandably, if you aren’t accustomed to it, there is a good option that can help you meet both your weight loss and fitness goals; whey protein.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein for Women After curdling and straining milk, whey is left over as a semi-clear liquid. Whey protein is a collection and mixture of various globular proteins, which have been extracted from whey. It serves as a great source of amino acids and includes leucine that is essential to initiate protein synthesis needed to develop muscles.. Whey protein actually possesses the capacity not just to speed up muscle recovery but also promote the growth of lean muscle mass. Whey protein is the best protein to use post-workout, since it is rapidly digested and results in a spike of amino acids including leucine that promotes muscle repair to provide a quicker recovery. It’s also a host for a wide variety of health-related benefits including. But not necessarily limited to having anti-cancerous properties and minimizing risks of cardiovascular-related diseases. And you’ll be happy to know that it also aids in the loss of body fat. So with all of the advantages that taking whey protein gives, why don’t more women use it?

Common Misconceptions

There are common misconceptions that surround the use of whey protein, especially for women. One factor that prevents its use is the myth that it will make you build up way too much muscle and have a bulky physique that you’re trying to avoid. This just isn’t true. The bodies of women don’t have the same amount of testosterone as males do after all. Add to this fact a little excess protein typically generates more energy or is excreted. It is also important to know there are two different types of whey protein; isolate and concentrate. The isolate uses a lot more processing to increase the amount of protein per serving. It is by far the most widely used type by the muscle building crowd; both men and women. In contrast, the concentrate type minimizes the processing to retain a much higher level of amino acids which are critical for increased health benefits. A whey protein concentrate is the best option for a woman looking to improve both fitness and health. A whey protein concentrate also builds leaner muscle mass to help create a more slim and natural physique.

Other Benefits That You May Not Know

One major reason why whey protein aids in reducing unwanted body fat is its ability to help control one’s cravings. Since they’re naturally slower to digest than normal food, they keep the feeling of being full a lot longer. This means that you won’t find yourself snacking on potentially fattening foods as often.  The net result is that whey protein results in weight loss. Another benefit that you may not know about whey protein is that tryptophan. This is a type of amino acid commonly found in significant amounts of protein. It can do wonders to control and even relieve stress and even induce happiness created by serotonin, the hormone responsible for it.

Best Whey Protein for Women

Whey Protein for Women There are literally a multitude of different brands available in the market. It isn’t surprising if you find yourself a little overwhelmed with what to choose especially when it comes to whey protein for women. Fortunately, it isn’t as complex as it may initially seem to be. Choosing a brand of whey protein is the same as it is with any type of product. Quality is the key, and finding one that uses good quality ingredients. They’re generally listed on their respective packages. There is a big chance though that you may just be as confused about the ingredients listed. If you aren’t well versed in these matters, like many of us are, going online and doing some research should yield a number of results. One particular brand that serves as a pretty good example of healthy whey protein for women is Naked Protein. Usually made from a single-sourced ingredient, from goat whey to yellow pea protein. If you are looking for the best combination of fitness and health benefits then try our Well Wisdom Vital Whey. It’s a favorite among many athletes and fitness groups because it has been developed with the highest quality standards in mind. It is a whey protein concentrate, and even when compared to other concentrates retains the highest levels of amino acids. With its ingredients being sourced directly from farms with cows that are grass-fed along with a process that retains its purity. It’s generally clean of anything that you don’t want in your nutrition. It also comes in flavors that include vanilla or cocoa.


There are a lot of other potentially good brands aside from the above-mentioned products and as was stated earlier. But for those who may be a little hesitant on basing their decisions off of an online review. One good way to find whey protein for women that are healthy would be to consult a dietitian or a fitness and health expert. They’ll most likely have the experience and knowledge that you’ll need to make a more confident and informed decision. When it comes to your health and lifestyle, only settle for the best. Whey protein exists for a reason. They can help you reach your fitness goals while staying healthy at the same time. Whey protein provides a potent combination of benefits when you consider it builds leaner muscle mass, promotes weight loss, and improves heath . It is important to note that a good workout regimen is still needed to improve fitness. With the right attitude and discipline, the proper diet, and whey protein, you should be able to get the body that you desire.