There are few times in your life that you will feel as bad as you do when you wake up with a hangover. Your head is pounding, your mouth feels like it is stuffed with vomit-flavored cotton, you have no energy, and you have some pretty embarrassing memories of what you did last night. Every little noise is agony, and you just wish you could die. Remedies for Hangover So what do you do at times like this?

Remedies for Hangover

There are a lot of great hangover Cures you can try:
  • Dramamine, the anti-nausea OTC drug
  • Drinking more alcohol
  • Eating a few crackers
  • Drinking water with Electrolytes
  • Coconut water
  • and so many more…
But, did you know that protein is one of the best things that you can take if you have a hangover?

Why Bacon and Eggs Are a Hangover Remedy

bacon and eggs protein help hangover remedy Most people think that it’s the grease in bacon and fried eggs that get rid of the pounding in your head, but did you know that it’s the protein that does the trick? The reason for this is that protein is broken down from its food form into various amino acids. These amino acids help to flush toxins from your liver, including the toxins that have built up as your poor liver tries to get rid of the alcohol running through your blood. All that alcohol is sitting in your liver, and your body is suffering as a result. However, the amino acids produced by eating protein help to detoxify your liver, so it’s finally able to flush out all of the toxicity caused by the alcohol. This will help to speed up your recovery time, and you’ll give your body back all of the amino acids that were lost as a result of drinking too much. Interestingly enough, something as simple as a bacon sandwich is enough to help deal with a hangover, as the protein from the bacon floods your body with the amino acids that detoxify your system. The combination of carbs from the bread and protein from the bacon will work wonders to get rid of the hangover.

Other Protein-Based Hangover Cures

If the idea of bacon is turning your stomach, try one of these other options:
  • eggs hangover cureEggs — There are few things in the world quite as easy to digest as hardboiled egg whites, and they’re a great source of protein.
  • peanut butter hangover curePeanut Butter — Peanut butter is a perfect balance of fatty acids and proteins, so making a PB sans jelly is a good way to restore a semblance of order to your roiling insides.
  • yogurt is good proteinYogurt — Unsweetened, natural yogurt is very good for settling an upset stomach, and it’s a great hangover cure.

Little Known Benefits of Protein

Protein isn’t just fuel for your muscles; it does a whole lot more. Here are a few of the other benefits of protein most people don’t know about:
  • Protein helps you sleep, thanks to the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan also fights stress, controls hyperactivity, regulates your mood, and fights depression.
  • Protein is needed for bone growth, or at least the amino acid lysine is. Lysine also balances out nitrogen in the body, helps your body absorb calcium, and speeds up healing.
  • Protein – specifically the amino acid methionine – aids in digestion, stops your hair from becoming brittle, and prevents fatty buildup in your arteries and liver.
  • Protein in the form of valine speeds up tissue repair and balances out your metabolism.
  • Protein – the amino acid isoleucine primarily – fuels your muscles with energy, and the amino acid leucine helps to speed up skin, bone, and muscle repair.
Protein truly is one of the most amazing nutrients you can eat, so it’s time to increase your protein consumption and fuel your body with those healthy amino acids! It definitely is one of the most important remedies for hangover.

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